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LIPSMART is a simple solution that cures all dry lip concerns in just 60 seconds! It's a game changer that is a treatment for lips.

LIPSMART is a proven and effective solution for all dry lip concerns. The proprietary formula delivers intense, medical-grade hydration clinically proven to provide visible, yet lasting results in a only minute.

LIPSMART replenishes your lips with the ingredients they need to heal from within to eliminate dryness, cracking, fine lines, and deflation.

Typical lip balms only temporarily condition the lips, leaving a drying after-effect when they wear off. LIPSMART uses 5 Powerful Actives to continuously draw in moisture and lock it in.

Say GOODYBYE to lip balms and hello to LIPSMART!


  • Our innovative Hydrating Technology has high quality humectants and lipids to keep you hydrated longer, slowing down moisture loss, which allows the lips to appear fuller, filling out deflation, fine lines, and cracks.
  • Along with the 5 powerful actives, the bioactive fruit extracts nourish, brighten, and soften the skin, while also maintaining elasticity. Together, they all work synergistically.
  • Seals in the moisture, preventing water molecules from evaporating.

Available in full 10mL tube that will last you months or for those slow to believe, Try Me Sample Size.