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The Sanctuary Energy Clearing Kit
The Sanctuary Energy Clearing Kit
The Sanctuary Energy Clearing Kit

The Sanctuary Energy Clearing Kit

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Are you in need of more replenishing sleep?
Are you experiencing physical or mental exhausting?
Are you recovering from illness?
Are you making a shift in your physical path or spiritual health?
Are you feeling stifled in speaking your truth or claiming your space?


The Sanctuary Energy Clearing Kit is created with love, peace and intention for anyone wanting to use smoke (also known as smudging or space clearing) as a cleansing treatment for your self and your sacred spaces. This kit features every element you need to release the energy that no longer serves you and your highest good, while making space for that which that does. The smoke is considered to have both therapeutic healing power and medicinal properties. The negative ions clear stagnation and stale energy to restore balance.

Kit Contains:
Abalone Shell - to contain ashes
White Sage and Rose Bundle - helps ionic clearing of stale and stagnant energy; air purifier,
Palo Santo Stick - calming and supportive for healing; helps clear negativity and restore positivity,
Selenite Wand - aids energy cleansing, recharging; aligns you with your highest potential and helps with mental clarity,
Instruction Card and Matches