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Scented Luxury Wax Cubes

Scented Luxury Wax Cubes

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Are you a lover of home fragrance, but can't do candles?
Do you have a favorite Harmonious Living Luxury Candle but want a flame-free option?
Do you like to customize and blend your own home fragrances?


Introducing our Signature Scented Luxury Wax Cubes! These hand poured wax melt cubes are a safe and innovative way to enjoy your favorite signature scent of ours. Since the melts are flame-free, you have to use a candle warmer to activate the scent. (We offer our favorite ceramic warmer in our store.) We recommend starting with one wax melt, then building your way up to a desired scent strength. Each scent is concentrated, so one wax melt has a generous scent throw and burns for about 48 hours each. These hand poured wax melt cubes are made of the same clean, luxury soy blend as our candles. Each pack includes 6 cubes.

HOLIDAY FRAGRANCE BLENDS NOW AVAILABLE!! All Harmonious Living fragrance blends are crafted by scent experts, and our CEO - the super nose! 

Choose from:

Comfort - featuring notes of orange peel, cinnamon and vanilla. This blend is like a warm, yet spicy hug.

Jubilation - featuring notes of cranberry, apple spice and sweet orange. This blend is fruity and jubilant like the season.

Everlasting - featuring pine, eucalyptus and a hint of vanilla. This blend is inspired by a drink of egg nog by the Christmas tree.

Renewal - featuring notes of sage, oakmoss and amber. This blend is earthy, sexy and warm, like your Ugly Holiday Sweater.

Wonder - featuring notes of firewood, citrus and a hint of musk. This blend is inspired by the flickering flames by a fresh cut wood in the fireplace.