Selenite Crystal with Air Plant
Selenite Crystal with Air Plant

Selenite Crystal with Air Plant

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This unique, handmade air plant adhered to an selenite crystal makes for an excellent one-of-a-kind gift to someone or to keep for yourself.  These low-maintenance plants are the perfect little companions for home or office. They require very little up-keep, and are a nice green addition to brighten any setting regardless of the season.

The Selenite crystal is all about purification, clearing, and positive energy. The soft white appearance of the stone is a perfect reflection of its gentle but highly effective energy, which emits white light and high vibrations. The Selenite crystal in any environment emits high vibrations that are perfectly suited to remove unwanted energy and replace it with uplifting light and positive energy. 

Each time you water your easy-to-care-for plant, may you be reminded to let your light shine like the light of the moon on the darkest of nights, just as this crystal does.

✦1 - 2 inch Live Air Plant
✦1-2 inch Amethyst Crystal
✦Crystal meaning tag
✦Plant Care Instructions

Just as what we see in nature varies, you will see some variations in sizes, colors, and shapes of air plants and gemstones. Your air plant blushes red when exposed to very bright indirect light.